Sometimes you just need some help. Match and Append has experts that know and love data. (Seriously. They love data.) We’ve solved a wide range of problems for our customers with solutions that provide value to them and to their own customers and we can do it for you.

Here are a few projects we’ve delivered.

Contact-to-account mapping.

A customer purchased a list of contacts and needed to associate them with their account data. They came to us. We not only paired up their contacts with their accounts, but we helped them identify duplicate accounts in their system while we were at it.

Account enrichment.

A customer who purchased a global B2B company database needed help matching their own customers to it. We were able to quickly match many of their own siloed databases to the global B2B database, assigning a standardized ID and appending firmographic data to their accounts.

Professional Services support and process optimization.

We’ve delivered hundreds of solutions under our customers’ brands. (You might have been a customer of our work and not even know it!) We support organizations’ Professional Services teams in crafting and delivering data solutions while at the same time optimizing their own processes. We use the Match and Append technology exclusively in some cases and in other cases we use it alongside our customers’ home grown technology to accelerate delivery times and to reduce manual review costs.