Better Match Rates

We bring technology and experience to connect your data to your customers’ data.  Professional Services organizations that are limited to basic match operations are leaving money on the table and creating less-than-satisfied customers.  If you’re stuck matching by domain or by name and country, you can’t serve the customers who want your location-specific data.  We help you sell more data because we can match more data and we can match more accurately.

Improve your match rates.  

Your customers want as much value as they can get from the data you sell them.  Match and Append will match data without requiring you to fix company names or standardize addresses.  We know your customers’ data is dirty.  Match and Append’s AI-derived parsing and inference technology can work through the noise to match more data, which means you sell more.

Get credit for records that don’t match.

Our georeference system can tell you when an address doesn’t seem to make sense.  Match and Append can also tell you if the phone number your customer gave you is gibberish, a business line, a mobile phone number, and other interesting facts.  Even if the record doesn’t match to your data, get credit for evaluating the quality of your customers’ records to assure them that you’ve looked at 100% of the records they gave you.

Pair us up with your home-grown matcher.

As a Professional Services leader, you have to spot check the quality of certain matches and verify the “grey area” matches produced by your home-grown matcher.  When you also match your data against Match and Append, you can compare the results and skip much of the manual QA your team has to put in when both matchers agree.  This lets you get your data product out the door faster with less cost and more confidence.