Connect your Enterprise data.

The data in your CRM, ERP, MAP, and CDP is strategic but it only becomes actionable when the combined transactions are uniformly associated with the right accounts across the enterprise. Connected Enterprise data means you have a consistent canonical ID on your accounts regardless of how consistently the account name is spelled or how complete the address information is across data silos. Match and Append can help you connect your Enterprise data whether it’s with a third-party ID such as a DUNS™ number, an EIN, an OpenCorporates ID, or with your own enterprise ID.

Make your data actionable.

Having actionable data means being able to answer basic questions like Who are our customers? and What are they buying? It means you can combine your account data with the purchase history captured in your ERP system and enrich it with your favorite vendors’ firmographic data or insights from one of the many openly available data sources. It means your reports can finally and accurately tell you what you need to know without needing a team of analysts to prepare the data each time.  With connected data, valuable customer insights distributed across systems in your Enterprise can be unified to support key decisions.

Bad data is expensive.

Don’t underestimate the cost of bad data. It’s more than annoying and more than fodder for venting with your colleagues. It has a material impact on business. Gartner estimates that “the average financial impact of poor data quality on organizations is $15 million per year.” At scale, IBM discovered that in the US alone, bad data costs businesses $3.1 trillion annually. This translates to lost opportunities, an impact on productivity, and an impact on your team’s confidence. With connected data, duplicates can be identified and handled. Historical activity on an engagement opportunity is connected to the right account. It means your team will be wasting less time and feeling more confident about the next call they make.

Simplify sales and marketing.

Connected Enterprise data ensures you know who your customers are and what they are buying. Connected Enterprise data also positions your organization to penetrate deeper into your market and reveal cross selling opportunities. 

Improve the customer experience.

These days it’s hyper-critical to build a solid relationship with your customers. There are few things that hurt that more than making what you think is a cold call to introduce your company to a long-time customer. It’s kind of like introducing yourself to your spouse of 15 years. Actionable data means that the customer profile and the purchase history of a customer is correctly tied to the account record your sales team is using to engage.